Monday, June 06, 2005


Today the Internal Council is voting on joining the UN. Although we have had some huge opposition, we o hope that this vote will go through.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Everything is going well here over in Swisdomania. Please check back soon.

Friday, June 03, 2005

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Today, the Swisdomanian Government Debated over the detaining of a British Citizen, who's name is classified. We know that he ran into the city hall, armed with an AK-47, two Chinese Elephant guns, and a pipe bomb. After he shot the desk secretary and a Security guard, ESUS Officials subduced him by firing the new XFLRS-876 needle gun into his leg. You would think that he wold be immediatly condemned, but after getting a backround check, he was found out to be administering "self-defence" after the Security Guard "grabbed him and threw him toward the ground for disobeying orders." This case will defintely be monitored closely. Here is a picture (above) of the shooting area.
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Hello to all of our supporters. As you can see we have added many new features. Fournms, chat rooms, and polls. Please visit the Xanga on the side bar.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Welcome to the Swisdomanian embassy

Today we see the shift of power from the mayor to the Internal Speaker. The mayor formally had control over the DATABASE(Encyclopedia) but now that power is being changed due to the Russian-Swisdomanian Peace conference. Now the Russian Government will directly elect him. The mayor is to have the responsibilities now of keeping our city running well, with needs like transportation and crime control. In return Russia has agreed to supply us with a small army, (of 20,000 soldiers, tanks, and artillery) to defend us in the a time of need. This definitely will further the peace and co-existence between our nations.

-Many people have been e-,ailing the embassy on spelling errors. Our English language spells word differently then American English and British English. Please try to read over those words, and sort them out yourself. Or you can ask to have an article e-mailed to you in the language you want.

-A new expansion on our horizons is a membership access area and this page in a different language. For the membership access, now all you can do is type in your code at the top of your browser, and you log into the page. ( I know this is kind of cheesy, but remember WE ARE A SELF RUN SITE, NO GOVERNMENT FUNDS. Although they do help and write for us we have to supply the money ourselves. In the next 5 months, you will be allowed to log in on the home address.
The different language page is also the same. Just type the countries initials and pow you are there. (ex.
Initials are:
none, English
FR-French-to be added


Instead of typing in the initials of a country after the word "swisdomania" on this adress, see last post, just click on the link(on the side) that says Spanish.

Monday, May 30, 2005

News- Richard Xanier

We have just been listed at This is definitley an expansion to our horizons.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


From the Internal Chancellor,
Today I would like to address the pressing issue of fake ID's. DO NOT BUY THEM. They have been reported of being sold in East India. They are not real. If you bought one, you need to report it to your State Department, which will further it to us.

Thank you

ESUS- Wanted

ESUS. The Emergency Service Unit of Swisdomania. The backbone of Swisdomanian freedom and perserverance. Are you one? Join Today

News Update

Internal News
Today, the Internal Council affirmed the reports that their have been abusive problems of the Internal Chencellor's Wife. She has told officials that her husband "beat her." After a hefty and teious investigation. The EMU Officers reported it. The fine for this, in article 67 section 1 , states, "It is hereby written that anyone who holds a governmental position and is foun for a crime, shall be punished by probation form his office." and section 2, "Probation for a crime that is not a High Ordinance Crime, shall get three (3) months of probation, and the Speaker of the Council, of that branch, shall take over for that time." So it seems that the speaker will be our Chancellor.

News Update

Friday, May 27, 2005

Positions- L.

Internal Chancellor- Ben Eventarl
External Chancellor- Markus Povitch
I. Council-
Speaker-Opers Unfer
Council Members-
Amy Cern
Barry Senho
Adam Pent
Pret Oui
Tomahas Jouht
Bill Secoiv
E. Council-
Speaker- Barry Ricades
Council Members-
Victor Remesin
Lolu Wecmo
Steven Bafr
Don Cartu
Newsa Jou
Kion Heler
Nouthd Maf
Jake Huyt
Jabt Hung
Lou Nfa

ARMY NEWS- John Tuhn

Our army has just opened 23 more applicants. As you know, the Russian Government has made a deal to leave us be as long as our army does not extend passed 75 units.
Positons are volunteer. After 1 year of training you will go into service, and get paid yearly. The Army's official name is the Emergency Service Units of Swisdomania, or the ESUS. You can also join the 15 man Royal guard, althogh they have refused most applicants.
Our army has a main wepon of the X-45. A heavy , High-powered rifle, and the side arm of the standard pistol.
Usually blue pants and long shirt with a bullet proof vest and helmet, very comfortable.
1. Citizenship
2. Over 17 years of age
3. Good health
4. Literate in English and Russian ( Eurussian is a Plus)
>This is just an overview
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